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Exeter Festival of Poetry September 30th 2017

exeter workshop

In Praise of Brevity

from the festival brochure …

“In poetry, less is (almost) always more. The poems which sing longest and deepest in our memories are often short, but they are also very often the poems which seem to have the most challenging and abiding things to say.  How do good writers achieve this? What magic do they work with words?  Could we begin to learn to do the same?  A workshop to inspire poets of all persuasions and abilities to discover the power that can be released when their already good writing is pared back to the bone.”



Walking Into Words

from the festival brochure…

“Looking for the right words to catch the real feeling of a place is often a way of learning to see it for the first time. This creative writing workshop will encourage you to take pleasure in turning our landscape and cityscape into words and in sharing what you write. Based at Kelston Old Barn, Kelston Roundhill, take your inspiration from the views and the surrounding countryside, or else use the workshop time to reflect on aspects of the Bath landscape you already know and love.  Whether or not you’ve ever written anything before, Bath writer, Sue Boyle will guide and support you.”


The 2016 series of Advanced Cafe Writing Days took place at the Open House Centre in Bath. We explored the idea of  modernism –  not in the sense of ‘experimentalist’, but in the sense of poets trying to find a new ways to express the difficult and complex realities of the modern world. There are report Pages for some of the Modernist Writing Days, accessible by link from list below this display.

Writing Days 2016

March 12th: Whitman, Baudelaire & TS Eliot

April 8th : Rilke, Lawrence & Pound

May 7th : Dickinson, Plath & Berryman

June 11th: Ted Hughes & Modern European Poetry