Teignmouth Poetry Festival 2016

Watch this Space! Some unspecified time ago, the  Poetry Teignmouth website promised to immerse you in the art of poetry … to bring more live poetry to Teignmouth …to entice potential poets to the table … to encourage, nurture and support poetic writing… to work towards organising a poetry festival in Teignmouth …. of all these , please […]

Safe Passage with the Fire River Poets

Written over the four years following the publication of Too Late for the Love Hotel, the poems in Safe Passage were not imagined as part of the collection in which, last summer, they so happily found themselves. For each poem that reached the book, there was at least one waiting in the wings, unchosen, clamouring, […]

Conversations about a Honey-Coloured Girl

What a privilege it is to take part in this online discussion of the honey-coloured girl and her strange ‘chorus’ of older observers in the leisure centre in Bath. Today has been particularly rich in absorbing, intelligent enquiries – far too rich for me to reply to all of them in one evening, even if […]